Although the Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal didn’t take a direct snub at Trump during the Cannes press conference for his latest film Okja on Friday, but he took a subtle hit at the President.

Gyllenhaal at Cannes press conference promoted his film Okja which is about a little girl’s friendship with a large creature — a “super pig” — which has been specially bred by an American corporation. The film is directed by Bong Joon Ho, and it tries to deliver a message about society’s mistreatment of the environment is unambiguous.

Talking about the film, Gyllenhaal said that the timing of the film is very important. “I don’t think there is any better time for this film and what it says about the environment than now, given the current political state,” he said.

“Particularly, I would say, from my country, of things being sort of brought back what I would consider a few decades, if not more. Sometimes it’s not just an issue of aim, it’s also an issue of when a movie comes out and what it has to say, and I think there’s no better time than now for something like this,” he added.

The actor also made a reference about his film’s distributor Netflix, who had to face some controversy regarding their film’s inclusion at the Cannes Film Festival this year. He pointed out that the platform of a film is “extraordinarily important”.

Gyllenhaal said, “I think it’s truly a blessing when any art gets to reach one person, let alone hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. And particularly in today’s day and age when we are inundated with information — sometimes true, sometimes not — that we get the artistic expression in whatever form we can.”

Gyllenhaal finished with something of a curveball: “And also, I just really want to add that I’m very excited about the appointment of Robert Mueller,” he said, to smatterings laughter and applause.

For those who don’t know Mueller had already served as FBI director in the past and now he’s leading the investigation into links between Russia and Trump’s campaign. It has been said that Mueller “could be Trump’s worst nightmare”.