Newt Gingrich wants President Obama dragged before Congress to explain himself. “There’s a big Russian story. It’s Barack Obama, not Donald Trump,” Gingrich told “FOX & Friends” this morning.  “”I think the Congress has an obligation to call him in.”

President Trump is under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia and their operation to sway the 2016 presidential election for him.  Congress, too, is investigating Russia and, as part of those investigations, they are looking into whether anyone that was part of Trump’s campaign cooperated or coordinated with Kremlin operatives to hack the Democratic National Committee or spread the fake news over social media.

You know who’s not under investigation?  President Barrack Obama.  And yet, former Republican Speaker of the House and chief Trump apologist Newt Gingrich thinks he’s the one that needs to testify before Congress and answer for his failings.

Rather than try to refute the report, which could be mistaken as taking Putin’s side in an attack, the President and his surrogates in the media have instead chosen to spend the last two days attacking President Obama for not doing more to stop it.

So on the one hand, Trump and his minions have finally acknowledged that Russia did, indeed, undermine our election.  But on the other, they’re still in denial about any role Trump and his campaign may give played in it.

Donald Trump used Russian-generated fake news and Russian hacked Wikileaks documents to rile up his followers at rallies, on social media, and in interviews.  Those are the provable facts. That’s more than anything else illustrates the shamelessness of the Republican Party.