And he’s done it again! Former Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, a revered ladies man, has yet again taken centre-stage by expressing his fondness for women. But this time, the woman at the centre of his attraction is none other than the US First Lady – Melania Trump!

His statement, made on Friday, said that what he likes most about US President Donald Trump is his wife, Melania Trump. Making such statements is but expected of him as the 80-year-old returns to the political spotlight.

In a bid to revive his political image and return to power, he is all set to campaign for his Forza Italia party, as part of the municipal election to be held on Sunday. He has often been compared to Donald Trump, owing to their similarities as not just a real estate baron but also a much-controversial, often comical leader. However, when interviewed for a talk show with broadcaster La7, Berlusconi was asked if he was flattered to be compared to Mr Trump. Neither agreeing or disagreeing, he was quick to express his fondness for Melania Trump. He seems to have been “Trumped” by her beauty and grace.

In a classic case of the bold praising the beautiful, Berlusconi added that while he has never met Melania, he has been observing her popularity in the mass media. Such is her persona and style, he emphasised ,that even the opposition Democrats hardly seem to criticise her.

Much known for his flamboyant nature, sleazy remarks against women and tax-frauds – for which he was ultimately removed from the Parliament, Berlusconi refuses any change to correct his image. In fact, only last month he received massive criticism from across the globe, when he congratulated the new French President, Emmanuel Macron on his mother’s good looks. The mother was widely believed to be a reference to his wife – the 64-year-old Brigitte Trogneux. Another such incident was in 2008, when on two separate occasions, he referred to the former US President Obama and his wife, Michelle as being ‘suntanned’.

Berlusconi seems to throughly enjoy all the attention he ever rakes up! While his ‘lifestyle politics’ has garners much-criticism, it has also positioned him as a charismatic leader whose popularity seems to soar upon such incidents.