While the Hurricane Harvey is still causing trouble in Texas, that resulted in unprecedented flooding that experts say will continue until Thursday, President Donald Trump failed to address the hard time victims had been going through.

Although Trump has tweeted thanks to victims for surviving, praised the rescue workers, and sent encouragement, he failed to ask for donations recovery and aid to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. He asked donations from the people but not for the hurricane relief. Trump rather urged Americans to come forward for donating to his 2020 election campaign. Yes, Trump is running for the second term of President while three and a half years is yet to be completed.

He sent out emails to his supporters, asking them to donate between $75-$200.

The campaign email reads: “We’re coming up on our FEC-mandated end-of-month deadline and the media will be waiting to see if the American people have walked away from our movement. With your help, our numbers will show the world that the people are still fighting to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

What does this tell us? It tells us that Trump cares more for how his donation numbers look than for those left homeless by the hurricane. If he wanted to “Make America Great Again”, he’d raise donations to help those in Texas instead of accepting money to stuff his billionaire purse.

Donald Trump cares more about how his donation numbers look than the number of people now homeless in east Texas.
Besides Red Cross, there is also Samaritan’s Purse, America Cares, and other places to send money to. If you plan to “Make America Great Again,” start by helping the people in Texas and skip the donation to the billionaire.