President Donald Trump met with Finnish President, Sauli Niinistö on Monday when both leaders discussed trade and security issues in the Middle East and in Finland’s neighborhood of the Baltic Sea. After the meeting, Trump and the president of the Nordic nation gave a press conference, where Trump dodged questions from Finnish media as to whether he personally sees Russia as a threat.

He replied vaguely, “Well, I consider many countries as a security threat, unfortunately.”

Trump’s response was quite upsetting to the security establishment in Finland since many experts believed that the agenda of the meeting was to be about regional security issues.

It’s important to note that Finland shares both maritime and extensive land borders with Russia, although it is not a member of NATO, it works closely with the organization to counter any potential threat from Putin.

Trump dropped a bomb by announcing that Finland wants to purchase “a large number” of Boeing f-18 fighter jets.

His announcement took the political class and media by surprise, and while well composed on stage, the Finnish President was too. However, the Finnish media reported that both leaders did not even discuss the purchase of military aircraft.

Following the press conference, President Niinistö clarified on Twitter that Trump’s announcement about the country purchasing the military aircraft is fake.

More embarrassing fake news from a fake president.