President Donald Trump has little compassion for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Our heartless president has exploited a tragic natural disaster to stage a series of inane photo ops.

President Trump yesterday flew down to Texas in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey. Instead of saying some consolable words, he held a miniature campaign rally and lauded the “great turnout”. Trump failed to focus on the victims and relief work and only used the moment to once again widen his turgid ego.

Trump did nothing like President Obama and his predecessors had expressed their compassion towards the victims of the deadly disaster. He didn’t meet with a single victim of the hurricane, revealed Newsweek.

When Hurricane Sandy struck, President Obama consoled the victims. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, President George W. Bush consoled victims. While soon-to-be President Clinton consoled victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. But President Trump tried to peddle hats, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, claims CNN Money.

While as per Glenn Thrush of The New York Times, Trump didn’t even get wet, except when he was deplaning Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews. It’s a remarkable revelation regarding the estimates state that some 20 trillion gallons of water will have fallen by the time the storm dissipates.

Trump’s actions once again demonstrate an almost pathological inability to lead, as well as a disturbing lack of compassion. He flew down, snapped some photos, and left. The people of Texas deserved better.

Trump just doesn’t fit to be a President.