President Donald Trump’s administration is ridden with scams and scandals, to top it all, his back to back lies gives fodder for the comedians. Trump’s excruciating presidency has been comic gold. Having said that not all comedians could pull off jokes about him.

Very few have been as successful at mining those resources and Seth Meyers is one of those comedians. Meyers took on Trump citing his horrendous week and released a collection of comic highlights at the president’s expense.

The Late Night host in about a minute and a half covered everything from the fallout from the Paris Climate Agreement exit to fired FBI Director James Comey’s blockbuster testimony, and even Vice President Pence’s birthday.

While so many disgraceful things occurring in America in a single week, comedy may be the best way to rundown in the Trump era.

Watch Seth Meyer’s hilarious take on Trump’s horrendous week here: