Earlier this week, SNL released a trailer where Mellissa McCarthy was seen dancing to “I feel Pretty” from the West Side Story, indicating that she would reprise the role of Sean Spicer in the next episode which is to be aired this weekend.

While the excitement among the viewers didn’t even subside, McCarthy was seen driving a podium down a busy New York City street dressed as Press Secretary Sean Spicer. However, it was a scene shot for the upcoming episode of SNL.

McCarthy has made special appearances on the program for the past few months, playing the role of Spicer in a humorous way. McCarthy as Spicer had used props such as dolls and squirted water at journalists. She even used her podium to beat-up a member of the press in her comedic skits.

In one of the episode, she locked up a member of CNN and forced him to wear a diaper while in a cage at the mock press briefing.

While on 58th Street in New York, McCarthy dressed as Spicer, drove the famous podium to the amusement of many passersby, waving those on her way to move.
Many on social media have since published the video of her driving the podium on their accounts.