President Donald Trump on Thursday sent out a sexist and crude Tweets at Morning Joe and Mika Brzezinski. Soon a barrage of criticism discharged against Trump. Even Trump’s aides such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lindsay Graham condemned the President’s crude criticism.

Trump’s bullying just gave fodder for Comedians like Bill Maher who gave an epic scolding against Trump on Friday night at his show. Real Time’s Bill Maher gave President Trump the epic scolding he deserves for yesterday’s shockingly sexist and crude Tweets directed at Morning Joe and Mika.

Real Time with Bill Maher, as usual, didn’t disappoint us. The host came hard on bigotted Trump with a barrage of witty takedowns. The hard-hitting host made Trump look like the insecure schoolyard bully that he is.

Watch Bill Maher’s epic takedown here: